• "You have had the greatest positive influence on my life out of any other person besides my own mom and dad. I cannot thank you enough for the discipline, lessons, and memories gained at your ballet school. Thank you for being an incredible mentor, teacher, coach and role model anybody could dream for!"
    Crystal Lee Miss California 2013 & 1st runner up, Miss America 2014

  • "... I studied with Ms. Poon in December of 1989. At that time I think I was her only male student. I won a gold medal at the Varna International Ballet Competition last year. I perform as a guest artist with companies all over the world and I always think of her. I consider her as my first mentor. She gave me so many wonderful corrections. She was my first “real” ballet teacher."
    Rasta Thomas Founder and Artistic Director, Bad Boys of Dance

  • “Ms. Poon came highly recommended to us from Alonzo King of Lines Ballet and I must say, Ms. Poon has been an excellent teacher. The training that she provides the girls is unparalleled. I have unfortunately found that all too often, dance training is watered down for young kids and too many studios don't really strengthen the kids' sense of study until much later in life. Not so with Ms. Poon. She recognizes that it's critical that they learn the fundamentals correctly as soon as possible. It's clear that just as Ms. Poon received some of the best ballet training, from the Royal School of Ballet in London, she too, is now providing the best level of dance study in the SF Bay Area for our kids. It's been a joy to watch my daughter's skill and grace level grow week after week under the great tutelage of Ms. Poon.”
    Carrletta P. L.
  • “... My 4-year-old son attends Shan Yee Poon Ballet School, and his teacher is excellent. She makes a special effort to be sure that she does not use gender-specific language during the activities. His teacher has an amazing way with the young children, creating a fun class that really teaches the basics of ballet. There is a real feeling of community in the school, with ample opportunities for volunteering and meeting and talking with other parents. I've started taking their adult ballet class as well, and it's great! I love the teachers, and the other men and women in the classes come often and are friendly and welcoming. Overall, it's a welcoming, fun, friendly school that offers an excellent, professional caliber, affordable dance education.”
  • “... My daughter is a dancer, and I have been to many studios. This school shows more attention to details in dance than any other school. The teacher takes an inordinate amount of time (love and patience, too) to address each student and hands on. I observed the teacher time and again adjust ever so slightly an angle of a foot here, an arm there...it was amazing. I highly recommend this school. ”
    Cindy S.
  • “... I started as a student with Ms. Poon over 20 years ago before she even had an official school… and I followed her when she did open her school. I had some dance training at more informal studios, but knew at the age of 12 that I wanted a more formal ballet education. I am so grateful to have found Ms. Poon. Even though I was starting as an older student without an “ideal” body type, she was never critical. She is the type of teacher who tries to correct the “flaws of a student and emphasize the positive attributes. Within my first class, she had diagnosed me as having a type of “flatfoot” causing rolled ankles, and subsequently spent years helping me strengthen my arch to become not only a good dancer, but to also not have a foot and ankle injury and issues as an adult. To this day, I still occasionally “roll” my ankles, but can still hear Ms. Poon in my head reminding me not to do so – now that’s some long lasting education!"
    Laurie J.
  • “... Our daughter has attended the Shan-Yee Poon Ballet School for more than 10 years now, studying ballet, jazz dance and tap with Ms. Poon and several other terrific and experienced instructors. Now a high school senior, she has grown into a poised, confident young woman -- not to mention a beautiful dancer -- and we give Ms. Poon great credit for the influence of her dance program. We like the fact that the Shan-Yee Poon School takes dance seriously -- they ask kids to work hard, have high standards and produce wonderfully staged performances -- but yet they don't demand that kids commit their entire lives to dance. They keep it in balance, and keep it fun. Our daughter has spent a lot of after-school hours at SYPBS, but she has still been able to take her studies seriously and take part in extra-curricula from drama to outdoor club. We're very happy to recommend the school to others. ”
    Jay H.
  • “... Our daughter has Epilepsy and because of this she is always tired and has a hard time concentrating. Ms. Poon impressed me because as a child development professional I observe behaviors as a living. Ms. Poon has a wonderful way with children. A perfect balance between firmness and love. She shows love and respect for every child in her school. She demands the best effort from every child, which makes the children, feel confident in their abilities. Sadly, our daughter’s seizures were not under control and any extra curricular activity only worsen her condition and made her completely exhausted. Ms. Poon worked with me throughout and even though it was apparent our daughter could no longer attend she gave us a fair refund amount. If our daughter could handle the activity we would re- enroll. Ms. Poon is someone I would want to teach and guide my child. Ballet, when taught with love, enables a child to learn so much confidence in themselves and the discipline it brings to the art teaches children to respect others. These attributes alone are well worth joining the Shan-Yee Poon Ballet School. ”
    Lucille V.
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