Toddlers and young children love to explore the world of dance, music, and imagination. In our classes they will learn coordination, rhythm and basic balletic movement through a skillfully designed curriculum. 

Toddlers will expand their creativity while acting out dance stories. We'll enchant, stimulate, and challenge your child with specially selected music and dances!

  • Baby and Me! (Ages 4 mos-1)

    What better time to introduce your baby to music than when they are an infant! Our baby and me music program kick starts your little ones path in creative learning. We have developed a program specifically for children 4 months to 1 year old to get comfortable with age appropriate music and physical activities with their parent/guardian/caregiver! This includes songs, group sing-alongs, crawling activities and interaction with other children. We have exercises that bring music, mind and movement together to help with socialization, expression and overall child develoment.

  • Toddlers Balletic Movement (Ages 3-4)

    This age group is ready to go solo and focus on their classmates and teachers. Your child will learn to gallop and jump while enjoying lovely classical music. They will learn directional awareness, musicality, class etiquette and social skills.

  • Angelina Ballerina (Ages 3.5-5)

    Our weekly classes are based on the beloved dancing mouseling, star of the Angelina Ballerina book series and animated television program.The program is inspired by the CG-animated series airing on PBS KIDS and Sprout®, Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps, and it will focus on one story book per month. This curriculum is a great complement to our own carefully developed syllabus, that will build a strong foundation for our students to confidently progress through the comprehensive ballet program offered here at our school.

  • Music and Movement (Ages 1-3 & 3-5)

    Ms. Essence, our experienced teaching artist immerses your child into the world of music through age appropriate games, dances and activities make Music and Movement a great class to develop and further your child's music education and give them an outlet for creative self-expression. Children will hear familiar songs, be introduced to new ones and will also rock out and interact in group jams!

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